10 years later…

We met in grade nine, the beginning of high school. Andrel thought Kryzia had a big head (literally and figuratively), while Kryzia thought Andrel was a joke. They ran in the same circles, but we never really crossed paths.. until grade eleven. It started out as sitting beside each other in Chemistry class and doing homework together, which then turned into random text messages and phone calls during the summer. A friendship in early grade eleven blossomed into a relationship by grade twelve. We sincerely thought it was just another six-month high school relationship with an expiration date around graduation.

But then we ended up attending the same university in Lacombe, Alberta. Andrel pursued a degree in Psychology, while Kryzia pursued a degree in English. Our friendship continued to grow stronger and our love for each other continued to develop deeper. Just as we graduated high school together, we graduated university together. After being together for five years, we knew that they were headed towards marriage, but we also knew there was still a lot of growing up to do as individuals

After graduation, Kryzia moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan to pursue a Master’s degree in Communications, while Andrel moved back to Toronto, Ontario to pursue an after-degree diploma in Real Estate Appraisal. After five years of seeing each other almost everyday, we suddenly became a long distance couple: a seven-hour drive separated them. We both had overloaded class schedules, in hopes of fast tracking our way to the end goal. Our relationship consisted of lots of Google hangout calls, Whatsapp text messages, and phone calls. As we finished their respective “after university” plans, we expected to both find work in Toronto.

But then we both ended up in Alberta. Andrel currently works at Canadian Urban Ltd. as a Real Estate Asset Analyst, while Kryzia works at AM/FM Inc. as an Account Manager. In our down time, we love trying new restaurants in Edmonton and surrounding areas, watching the Raptors become the greatest team in the Eastern Conference, and watching random Netflix shows. We are also getting involved in the real estate game with goals of owning multiple properties for passive income: Andrel takes care of finding the deals, while Kryzia takes care of making sure the design is right.

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